About The Photoshoot

“I just looked at the pictures. The initial feeling of uncertainty as to whether it turned out well was resolved by browsing through the pictures. Of course they turned out good! I started writing down the numbers of the pictures, and while looking at my body, I saw myself as beautiful, I saw its naturalness. It gave me enormous confidence, at the time of embracing my femininity, when perhaps I needed nothing else more than these experiences with you. Thank you so much for getting me through this. You heal women by capturing them in a beautiful form. As a woman, I can say that it was a really rewarding feeling to take photos with you. You are polite, you give just as much as it’s needed! Moreover, you feel all this with great precision. I think this is one of the secrets of your successful photo shoots. Thank you!” – Klaudia

To whom do we recommend a Boudoir session?

The purpose of this shooting is to treat yourself with a really sensual and tasteful photo series. This can mean to capture an era of your life, or after a life altering experience and the beginning of a new era, boosting your confidence, a whole makeover, or simply you just would like to show it to someone what you got in you. No matter what the reason is, we are happy to be your partner in creating the photos you have imagined, with a lot of femininity, elegance, and mystery.

How does it work in reality?

Prior to the shooting we have a session where we discuss all the details and you can share how you have imagined it as well. After choosing the photo package that suits you, we set the date of the shooting. On this day, there is a couple of hours that is all about You, when our team is focused only on you. We do your professional make-up and hair. You just relax and enjoy the makeover, we take care of the rest. Even though what really matters is the outcome of this session, we can assure you that the whole process from the initial arrangements to the end of the photo shoot is going to be a lifetime experience. Generally, I shoot with a masculine vision in my mind, even though the feminine part of my brain is well developed, and this all can be recognized on the images. This is the reason why my clients choose me. We always do the shooting with music. During the session when I show some of the images, it usually happens that our clients acknowledge with a big smile and sparkling eyes that we managed to show them a hidden side of their personality, which they may did not even know they had in them, the seductive and flirty woman.

How to prepare for the photo shooting?

Well first of all, your soul should be prepared. Most of the women we shoot, they are everyday women who are not used to posing in lingerie or even less in front of the camera. It’s only natural, they feel that way, as this is a very intimate situation between the model and the photographer. I am there to help you by creating an easy atmosphere, support you with the posing, finding the most flattering poses for your body type (let it be curvy or skinny), I will tell you and show you how to pull them off, while creating a fun, loose and good atmosphere. As a result, beside the obviously beautiful photos, the whole shooting will be a lasting experience.

What to prepare for the photo shooting?

If you choose to improve your wardrobe prior to the shooting, we can assist you where to find beautiful lingerie for that. But in case you decide that you’d rather leave that for us, then we can take care of this for you, and you get to connect with one of our stylists, who will hook you up with all the gear in your style you’ve imagined.

Where does the photo shooting take place?

In most cases the shooting takes place in one of the exclusively decorated and filled with full of sunlight photo studios in Budapest. in the warmer months of the year.

How long does to photo shooting take?

Most of the time our photo sessions last for 3 hours, but of course this can be a shorter or longer session as well.

When to book your photo session?

For planning purposes we recommend you to book well in advance, the earlier the better. In the end, the date will be the earliest possible one that fits your schedule and our crew’s as well.

What happens after the photo shooting?

Right after the photo shooting we will send you the photos, from which you get to select the ones you like the most and would like us to have them retouched. Eventually the whole selection will be shared with you in an online gallery. In case you decide in the future that you want more photos, we will be happy to hear from you.

Are the photos being published?

Most of the cases our clients are getting these photos done for private purposes and we do respect their privacy. So we only getting some of the photos published, if our client grants us permission to do so.

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